DJ Mustard, Travis Scott & YG -Dangerous World

Today has been one of the most eventful days in hip hop this year. There’s been numerous highly anticipated projects that finally arrived after months (or years) of waiting. Among those were Travis Scott’s Astroworld and YG’s Stay Dangerous.  YG’s already showed Travis Scott love on the release of Astroworld. Now, they two of them join forces on DJ Mustard’s appropriately titled new song, “Dangerous World.”

DJ Mustard couldn’t have picked a superior day to discharge his new melody, “Dangerous World.” The song features from Travis Scott and YG over the signature bass-heavy production of DJ Mustard. For Travis Scott, this song serves as one of the many tracks that have surfaced that weren’t on Astroworld. .

“Dangerous World” serves as an ultimate banger that will undoubtedly carry us out for the rest of the summer. While YG and Travis Scott’s are on completely different ends of the spectrum, DJ Mustard marries the west coast bounce that YG’s known for with Travis Scott’s dark and trippy sound.

Download the track below.

Quoted Lyrics
G63, I swerve on ’em
First pitch at the dodger, can’t curve on ’em
YG don’t give a fuck, you got some nerve don’t you
I’m out on bail, how you feel? Go to hell

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