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H.E.R’s. most recent drop busts through with a furious opening track entitled “Lost Souls.” Those who know the craftsman’s melodic references will be hit with the tune’s commonality immediately. The songstress flipped a great by one of her own melodic symbols. Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones” is an immediate motivation for this current task’s starting track.

The creation bridles comparative drum designs, record scratch tests and generally congruity from the 1998 great from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The melodious stream gets from Hill as much as the topic is cut from the same socio-social concerns she rapped about. The two melodies manage woman’s rights, the idea of the material versus the profound and also the social meaning of progress and the destruction one finds while pursuing its standard definition. Obviously, Ms. Slope is credited on the Dj Scratch-highlighted track.

“Lost Souls” is incorporated on I Used To Know Her: The Prelude, a task that fills in as an unmistakable pave the way to an astounding collection.

Quoted Lyrics

Careful where you plant them seeds, before you water them
Say you empower women, ay
But don’t acknowledge them
Feminism not what you embodyin’
You false hope, you false positive, uh
But eat your fruit and drink your water then

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