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The hook gets its source from Toni Basil‘s one hit ponder of a track “Hey Mickey.” Rather than singing the tribute to Mickey, Iggy places herself as the dream: “Hey I say hey, Iggy, you’re so fine/You’re so fine, you take my breath away/Hey, Iggy/Hey, Iggy.”

The craftsman tends to her admirers as much as her haters by referencing her shapely figure and the plastic medical procedure many are persuaded she has experienced. Notwithstanding whether those cases bear any reality, Iggy Azalea puts a fun turn on the bits of gossip.

Iggy Azalea completed a fine piece on composing this astonishing track as five different essayists are credited on this track, including Nicky Chinn who co-stated “Hey Mickey,” and Tyga.

Quoted Lyrics

Pretty squad women make a minute man bust like a semi (rrah)
Hit me late night like Jimmy
If I give it to him once, he gon’ chase me ’round the city like (Hey, Iggy)

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