Download MP3: Lil Pump – “Drug Addicts”

Lil Pump Raps About His Love For Drugs On New Single “Drug Addicts” Check out Lil Pump’s new single “Drug Addicts,” featuring a cameo from Charlie Sheen in the video.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everybody ’round me, like, them Oxy’s
I was too leaned out to drive the ‘Rari
Made her ass wait two hours in the lobby
I can’t go outside, ’cause I see papparazzi
Take another pill, now I’m feeling better
Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, yeah I’m a trend-setter
Bustin’ on your bitch, wiped it off with my sweater
I’m a drug addict, I’m richer than my professor (man, fuck school)

Download MP3: Lil Pump – “Drug Addicts”

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