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Download Mp3 : Lil Uzi Vert – Introvert

Lil Uzi Vert has returned with a pair of new songs, “Everything Lit,” and “Introvert,” and luckily, both are bangers. The latter employs an ominous synth line, like something off the Stranger Things soundtrack; in fact, a dark eighties aesthetic seems to be the favored direction of many young rappers. Not a point of contention, but interesting nonetheless. Being his comfort zone, it’s no wonder that Lil Uzi moves through the beat with a sharp sense of poise; it’s really too bad he doesn’t unleash the flow too often, as he really does outshine many of his peers.Though the state of a new Lil Uzi Vert album remains in flux, these recent drops are proof that the rapper does, at the very least, have heat in the stash. Personally, I think this is a welcome direction for Lil Uzi, especially given Luv Is Rage 2’s more melodic inclination. The man can rap, and it would be ideal to hear him snapping with increased frequency. Check out “Introvert” now, and allow yourself room for excitement. Perhaps new Lil Uzi is on the horizon, and if so, we can only hope it’s cut from a similar cloth.

Quotable Lyrics

Stackin’ my money, I’m countin’ this paper
You fuck with me 223 bullet in chamber
I promise you leave your girl ’round me I’ll take her
‘Cause she didn’t wanna lick her Lil Uzi, now had to taste it
Faded I put down my dough, I don’t really be chasin’
LA with me, yeah that n***a just fuck with the chasers

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