Download Mp3 : Popcaan – Strong Woman

Whether he’s singing about give and take with his girl, or simply biding his time in a lush setting, Popcaan’s music celebrates the role women play in his life, like few dancehall artists today. The effect is has on his outreach is profound. “Strong Woman” is a message born out strong relationships, a way of seeing the world through a compassionate lens.This idea of unyielding strength of character is something that really hits you when you listen to Popcaan and “Strong Woman,” even in instances where he is warning the competition to step on the gas.

As I’ve said in the past, Popcaan’s Forever is a an album full of contenders, with an adherence to uniformity and sound. Popcaan’s label Mixpak has created a vigorous “sound” tempting different types of consumers: hardcore dancehall audiences and poppy confectioners all the same. Strangely enough Mixpak is based out of Brooklyn; who could have predicted a Global takeover of this magnitude?

Quotable Lyrics:

Yuh stronger dan sylvester stallone
We cyaa survive off of breakfast alone
We baby ah born winner Barcelona
Mi crown yuh di queen hold di throne, but
Baby you’re a vigorous
You motivate the two of us.


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