Download mp3:Chance The Rapper ft Supa Bwe – “Wala Cam”


Listen to the first of FOUR new Chance The Rapper songs.

Well look what we have here. Earlier in the week, reports started surfacing online that Chance The Rapper might be dropping a new album this week ahead of this weekend’s Special Olympic Games going down in Chicago. Unfortunately, Chance quickly debunked the rumors, saying “sorry no album this week, def been in the stu tho.” While fans were let down by this news, it turns out Chance was just psyching them out a bit because moments ago the Chicago rapper decided to come through and surprise us with the release of not one, but FOUR new songs instead. It may not be an album, but it’s the next best thing that’s for sure.

Serving as a prelude to his forthcoming 7-song project with Kanye West, which is getting worked on this month, the surprise release comes with a lone feature from fellow Chicago rapper Supa Bwe, who appears on the song “Wala Cam,” which we’re highlighting for y’all right here.

Take a listen and let us know what you think! Record available now on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Big ol’ booty gotta jump, gotta do me
Gotta plan, gotta duty
Gotta dance, gotta boogie
I’m a fan, gotta stan
Gotta cam, it’s a movie
Make my ‘gram look like Cannes like in France
Momma mama, my mamma mia
Tell me what your momma feeds ya

– Chance

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