Download mp3:Chance The Rapper – “I Might Need Security”

Listen to Chance The Rapper get a few things off his chest on “I Might Need Security.”


As if “Wala Cam,” “65th & Ingleside” & “Work Out” wasn’t enough, Chance The Rapper decided to come through and surprise us with a 4th song called “I Might Need Security.”Over a sampled “Fuck-you” chorus, Chance gets a few things off his chest and shows off his lyrical prowess, rapping about being a real one and calling out the Mayor of Chicago in the process. “And Rahm you done I expect a resignation/ An open investigation on all of these paid vacations for murderers,” he spits. Later, Chance calls out Governor Rauner and the racist bitches in position of power, while reminding these young rappers who started the independent trend. “I’m the real deal, who taught all these rappers that big deal’s not a big deal/ Inherited the earth, popped them wheelies on them big wheels.”

Take a listen and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

The Illuminati couldn’t see me with they good eye
They think they Heath Ledger scary
They just Jack Nichols
I’m a sign to my city like the bat signal
Young chosen one golden boy De La Hoya
It ain’t to many me’s
Rest In Peace to Verne Troyer
I was younger then I seemed as a kid
I mean my G17 18 in the head
I mean I’m only 25 but I’m Motown 25
Bet I get a statue in my hometown when I die

Download mp3:Chance The Rapper – “I Might Need Security”

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