Download: Travis Scott & Juice WRLD -No Bystanders

Juice WRLD has dependably appeared as though a characteristic fit for a Travis Scott highlight. Scott’s been rapping, similar to Juice WRLD, about doing an excessive number of medications for a very long time currently, as on 2014’s Skyfall, where he’s “caught in [his] awareness” and the “medications continue calling and the sky keep on fallin.”

The tune switches forward and backward between the craving to party and overlook and the longing to search internally. Or on the other hand, perhaps not the craving to search internally, but rather being compelled to once there’s no one else around, when there are no onlookers (an expression Scott has additionally use on his live crowd to get their rear ends up off the divider).

Fortunately for La Flame, there are sufficient features on Astroworld to stay with him till his next collection of songs drops.

Quoted Lyrics

Bicentennial man, put the city on slam
She get trippy off Xans
Lost 21 grams, and she did it on cam
Weren’t no video dance
Make my own rules, I really don’t pick, I just choose
I don’t set picks, I just shoot
Chopper gettin’ screwed
I told her it’s B.Y.O.B., that mean buy your own booze

Follow link below to stream and download “No Bystanders” by┬áTravis Scott & Juice WRLD.

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