Hot Mp3 Jamz Download : Jazz Cartier – Security

Cartier’s major label debut serves to round out the barrage of underappreciated talent. Luckily, all three of the aforementioned seem to be finally getting the respect they deserve. In Jazz Cartier’s case, the Torontonian has put forth a solid effort from front to back, a nuanced display of versatility and melodic prowess. Though plenty merits revisiting, there’s something to be said about an early-game accessible banger.“Security” ably plays the role with panache. Over swirling keys and menacing Orc-like warhorns, Jazz Cartier delivers a trap-style banger without relying on some of the more familiar archetypes. There’s something inherently cool about his presence. While his swagger is certainly notable, I’m talking primarily about temperature; the entire project seems enclosed in a layer of ice. Insofar as flow, lyrics, and mic presence are concerned, Jazz ticks the boxes with the confidence of an overachieving student. Peep Fleurever now, especially if this joint passes your litmus test.

Quotable Lyrics

She say I’m gettin’ too fancy
I tell her take off her panties
Isn’t it funny how my life is riddled by bitches and money?
They didn’t hit me before I was poppin’ but now when I jump they gon’ listen like Sunny
If she a Mariah she can call me honey
Years in the makin’ stop callin’ me lucky
If I show up then I’m fresher than Dougie
Boy it’s a wrap like a mummy

Hot Mp3 Jamz Download : Jazz Cartier – Security

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