Listen To Fetty Wap’s Cover Of Day26’s “Co-Star”


Fetty Wap always has an R&B side. Since his breakout with “Trap Queen,” the New Jersey rapper has displayed an incredible knack for melody and some romantic lyrics in his writing. Today, he’s shared a song that gives us some perspective on where that style came from. The rapper has released what he’s always been viewed as a “cover” of Bad Boy R&B group Day26’s deep cut “Co-Star,” though it’s more of a remix, with Fetty writing some new vocal parts over the instrumental while interpolating the hook. His voice is notably restrained, meeting up to the R&B feel of the track and singing a little more gently compared to his usual belt. Of course, he still throws in a few of his signature “yeaaaah baby” ad-libs. It’s one of many songs to appear on his SoundCloud in the 3 years since his debut self-titled album. He’s also released a number of mixtapes and EPs in the meantime, often with demo-like production, leaving his fans wondering when his long-awaited sophomore album will arrive. If this sign means that Fetty will be taking an R&B direction, we’re all for it.

Quoted Lyrics:
Do whatever you want to me
Whatever you want to me
What do you have store for me girl?
This feeling like one of those nights
Where we get no sleep

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