New Song By H.E.R. Might Make You “Feel A Way”


“I Used To Know Her: The Prelude.”


On the cover of H.E.R.’s new project, I Used To Know Her: The Prelude, Description of the album art shows that she’s yet to show her real face thereby still giving fans some more need to dig deep into her personality. “Feel A Way” is one 6 records on the warm-up for her proper debut album, and digs further into the dreamy confessional style she does so well. The track finds her frustrated by a partner, warning them not to make her lose her cool: “but you’re trying me.” After which she introduces the main hook “Don’t make me feel a way.” On the verse, she reflects on a story line in which her partner blames her reasonable reactions to their lack of respect on her acting “crazy” and “irrational.” “It’s your fault, I played my part,” she concludes.

Quoted Lyrics:
“Crazy, but you made me like that
2AM, I thought you was on the way
It’s your fault, I played my part
Don’t start that talk
Like you ain’t planning to stay
Oh I hate when you do that shit
Now I’m bringing up the past shit
Oh, tell me I’m being irrational
I’m not dealing with you all I know is
Don’t make me feel a way”

Listen to the full project by following the download link below for audio and see video.

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