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Today a music group on our radar by the group name Phony Ppl are an R&B group who infuse Soul music to their genre as the new album “mō’zā-ik” comes attached to good news for fans and lovers of their music who have been blasting Yesterday’s Tomorrow on shuffle and repeat for the last three years. Stream and download below Phony Ppl’s mō’zā-ik 11 track album. Now available on iTunes.  See tracklist below.

1. Way Too Far.
2. Once You Say Hello.
3. SomethinG about your love.
4. Cookie Crumble.
5. The Colours.
6. One Man Band.
7. Think You’re Mine.
8. Move Her Mind.
9. Before You Get a Boyfrien.
10. Either Way.
11. On everythinG iii love.

STREAM & DOWNLOAD MP3: Phony Ppl -“mō’zā-ik” (New Album).ZIP | Torrent | Zippyshare

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