Top Music Download : YBN Nahmir Ft. YBN Cordae – Pain Away

The YBN massive is pushing past their habit of choking on the reefer. I would have called their uptick a mistaken case of beginner’s luck, up until I heard Cordae for the first time. To be frank, It was hard to draw a parallel line between Cordae and his band mates. His performances generally oscillate between half-exertion and full-exertion depending on the day, but when’s on it’s a sight to behold.Almighty Jay may come off like Kelso from That 70s Show, a lovable goof who dates outside his radius. But “Pain Away” is not about Jay or his misadventures. What separates Cordae from his mates is sentimental introversion. Why else would he draw upon the past at such a recurring rate? But on “Pain Away” YBN Nahmir doesn’t let himself be outdone by generosity, even if on the surface he is the least proven in terms of his identity.

Quotable Lyrics:

On the real can stand with us
Stressin’ I’m smoking on cannibis
Just made a trip to Los Angeles
It’s funny I used to lay on the bus|
Enough now
This game is so crazy
It made me not know who trust now
We shinin’
Nahmir just copped a buss down

-YBN Cordae

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