Travis Scott Reassures Fans He Still Has #1 Album During VMA Performance

Despite what Nicki Minaj said, Travis Scott is out here celebrating having the #1 album right now.

Nicki Minaj has been standing out as truly newsworthy these previous 24 hours for getting a little diverted with the numbers for her new album “Queen.” It was uncovered on Sunday that Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” collection would even now be the #1 album for the second week consecutively, though Nicki Minaj’s new Queen collection landed #2 on her opening week, something she didn’t mess with. Nicki bounced on twitter and went off about Travis Scott utilizing Kylie Jenner and a visit bundle to offer more collections, previously insinuating Spotify is favoriting craftsmen and didn’t bolster her collection in view of her arrangement with Apple Music for her “Queen” radio.

Notwithstanding that, Nicki additionally said she conversed with Travis Scott, and he concurred with her that he doesn’t have the #1 collection. “I spoke to him. He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week. I love my fans for the #1 album in AMERICA! I’ll explain on #QueenRadio 4 albums in, #1 in 86 nations,” she wrote. Well it shows up Travis might’ve quite recently disclosed to Nicki what she needed to listen to in light of the fact that he’s here hollering out that despite everything he has the #1 collection in the nation.

In the wake of completing his performance at the VMA’s, Travis gave a little tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, before shouting out, “Astroworld number 1 right now. VMA’s make some Noise,” as he kept running off the stage.

The declaration is somewhat amusing in light of the fact that indeed, Nicki said Travis concurred with her having the #1 album, yet that is not what he’s platitude. So either Nicki lied in her tweets or Travis misled Nicki and essentially said what she needed to hear, yet whichever way the numbers don’t lie.

Look at Travis’ affirmation (beneath) and let us comprehend you think. Do you think she truly spoke with Travis or do you think he just disclosed to her what she needed to hear around then?

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