Twelve’Len Drops “Let’s Stay”

Twelve’Len discovered his path in offering wistful verses overs melancholic instrumental. His choice to progress into singing from his underlying endeavors of rapping has turned out to be productive for the artist. The tracks regularly employ culled instruments and heavy bass put in a sort of dreamscape. The artist’s most recent single, “Let’s stay,” conveys this discernable sound with a grounded conveyance.

The instrumental varieties matched with the artist’s careful vocal elements keeps the track new. Twelve’Len’s voice is loaded with nuanced feeling as he sings about trust seeing someone. He shows broken correspondence in sentimental associations with a paced power. The comprehensive instance goes up against new life in “Let’s Stay.”

In spite of the fact that the production style Twelve’Len utilizes for his production unmistakably takes prompts from Hip Hop, the craftsman portrays his music as a soul-rock genre.

Twelve’Len said in an interview:

|”It’s crazy. I’ll stand up there for an hour, sing all of these records and get them rockin’, and they still want to call me a rapper even though I didn’t do nothing that was rhythmic at all.”

Quoted Lyrics

See, I’ve been working hard tryna fix what she wants
Never talk to me but tell her friends on the phone
I know it might sound petty
But I’m letting you know

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